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I have a love for craftiness that I inherited from my great-grandmother and grandmother. I have alw Growing up I spent many days with my great-grandmother and grandmother.

They both were very crafty and created beautiful afghans, quilts and dolls, all of which I have all throughout my home. For years my friends have been encouraging me to sell the things I make. So I finally decided to take the plunge. Of course I don't make quilts or afghans but do think of my grandmother every time I sit down to put something together. She was very special person and taught me mo

Operating as usual


So this is hard for me but I have decided to take a break from making shirts and things. I have a lot on my plate at the moment and have found myself making mistakes and such so I’ve decided to take a break. I have appreciated all of your continued support through the years and all the amazing people I’ve met through this endeavor. Thank you all!!

Valerie's Crafty Designs updated their website address. 03/13/2021

Valerie's Crafty Designs updated their website address.

Valerie's Crafty Designs updated their website address.

Valerie's Crafty Designs updated their website address. 02/06/2021

Valerie's Crafty Designs updated their website address.

Valerie's Crafty Designs updated their website address.


I made a hallmark movie blanket for someone and she asked for a tik tok one and really I feel like I need one. I find myself getting sucked in for longer than I’d like to admit 🤪🤪


As December is slowly creeping away I have a few images left to make some cute holiday shirts. I have one of the true story, 2 of the patterned trees, 2 of the resting grinch face, 1 of the christmas movie, and 2 of the grinch circle designs. I also have one of the hallmark blankets left. You can message me or comment here if you are interested in any of these styles. The blanket is $25 and the shirts will be $18 for a short sleeve and $20 for a baseball style 3/4 sleeve.


I had to make this for myself 🤪🤪. I may wear it year after year as I’m sure I’ll never forget 2020.


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Made some fun 2020 gifts this week. I am going to make my tree one of these ornaments this weekend 🤪


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I cannot believe it is almost Halloween. While each day and week seem to last three months time keeps creeping by. As always I am thankful for each and every one of you and your support of my hobbies 😍🥰.


Valerie's Crafty Designs


Been busy this past week trying to prepare for reality to set in next week with school starting. My kids are going to be soooo shocked on Tuesday morning. Even though it is going to be a very different start to the school year I am looking forward to some forced routine in our house because my kids have their days and nights flipped these days 🤪. I have loved making these back to school shirts and a few fun political shirts for my mom’s birthday. Hope everyone has a great back to school week this week and thank you for always supporting my business 🥰!


For anyone that doubts if teachers aren’t suffering through this mess and wouldn’t give anything to be in person with their students you are wrong. I work in special education and would give anything for this all to just go away. I am friends with a lot of teachers and they order from me often. I’ve had teachers order shirts to express some sort of expression of love or bonding through this. Last night a teacher friend messaged me wanting me to make decals for all of her students to give them cups. I’m assuming they are coming to the school to pick up supplies or something and she will fill the cup with some sort of love. These are being purchased out of her pocket. Oh and she lives 45 minutes from me and had her husband stop by on his way home from work and they weren’t ready so he drove around and waited. I guarantee she would so much rather be preparing to see her students in person and forget all about online learning. We are all adjusting and will make the beat out of this situation and come through stronger and more technologically advanced but it stinks 😷.


Summer is coming to an end and I start back to work next week. Things are certainly crazy and surreal right now but crafting brings me joy and I am so thankful for all of you and your support.


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I feel like everyday lasts forever but somehow time keeps on passing by. Here we are almost to August 🤪. I’ve been quiet lately but I’m still crafting away. I appreciate everyone supporting my hobby and business 🥰.


Phew I have been keeping my heat press and machine hot these last few weeks. Thank you all for continuing to keep me busy, I appreciate it so much! Now I need to get back to my summer class I’m taking, it has been sorely neglected 😩.


School is finally over for the summer, although honestly I feel like we started summer weeks ago 😎. My kids did not bode well with the online learning :-( Even though we are all stuck at home I am happy I have been able to contribute to some fun with shirts. From celebrating quarantine birthdays and graduations to family trips. Thanks for keeping me busy and supporting my business!!


Valerie's Crafty Designs


So it’s day 3 million of this quarantine. My kids surprisingly are doing well, thanks to Fort Nite 🙄🤪. I’m on a break in between my masters classes and have been trying to catch up on orders. Even though I have more free time I still seem to not have enough time in a day 😳🤣. I appreciate you all and your support as always!!

Arbonne 05/06/2020



Valerie's Crafty Designs


To make light of the given situation I have been getting requests for some fun shirts. I've put together a few fun ones I've seen. They are $17 each for adult sizes up to XL, youth are $15.


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Easter 04/02/2020



Can you believe April is approaching? I have 2 pink and one light blue easter bags available and a handful of bunnies in pink, purple, grey and brown. They are $15 each and so fun for little ones for Easter :-)

Disney Stuff 03/07/2020

Disney Stuff

Dr. Seuss Read Across America 03/07/2020

Dr. Seuss Read Across America


Dr Seuss, dance competition, house shirts, business shirts etc. I thank you all for keeping me busy!


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Co-workers really are the best! I’m currently working on my masters in special education and I seem to find a lot of things to distract me from my homework 🤪. This was one of them.


Haven’t been as good as usual of posting on here lately. Here are some of the fun things I’ve made recently. There is still time to get the Pinterest worthy bouncy balls for valentines 🤪. They are $2 each or $22 for a dozen. As always thank you all for keeping me busy!!


Bouncy ball valentines. $2/each or 12 for $22. Comes personalized or can be left blank if you’d like your child to write their own name. I can’t believe I have my youngest valentines half done with a month to spare 🤪

Disney Stuff 01/12/2020

Disney Stuff


I have a handful of these fun mailboxes left from last year on sale for $5. I have 2 gold and 4 turquoise ones. I use the ones I made for my kids every year and fill them with treats and put on the table for them when they wake up on Valentines morning. Please use the link below to order so I can keep track of inventory. Thank you :-)




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