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threezero Transformers MDLX Optimus Prime & Bumblebee


Hey everyone! I recently started a new business page with a brand new name and business direction. Would love if you go check it out and give it a like. I'd appreciate all the support.
And as an FYI this page will eventually become inactive



*DIY* Awesome shark from clay!!


New Lightning Collection White Dino Thunder Ranger. Really looking forward to this 1 as since ever since I saw Dino Thunder I liked the design of this ranger.
Should release soon for $20


New Marvel Legends Venom wave. Featuring Sony Movie Venom and BAF Venompool. Very nice set of figures. And especially excited for the movie Venom, Miles Morales venomized and ghost spider.
Anyone else like these figures?


New Marvel Legends Silver Centurian Iron Man. Same scale/series of figures as the 80th anniversary Iron Man.
Walgreens Exclusive, $20, fall release


I Like To Make Stuff

Secret room inside a Wardrobe


So Super7 is releasing Prince John from the Disney animated Robin Hood movie. 1 of my personal all time favorite Disney movies. Super excited for this figure and the line as you can see they are also releasing Mickey Mouse and Pinocchio. Cant wait for these to come out and to see what's next.
$45 and should come out next June 2021. Only downside its a made to order item so you have to pre-order it


The new wave of Lightning Collection figures coming out soon (9-1-2020 supposedly). Excited for Red Zeo and Black MMPR. Goldar is basically a re-release but with a painted sword, small wings and a new effect piece. These figures are great if your a power rangers fan


Woohoo its new figure day! Thanks to my Beautiful wife LaShawn Roe. Finally got a Figuarts Black Widow. Super excited to add this 1 to my collection. The figure looks great and the headsculpt looks even better looks just like her in my opinion. The articulation is amazing and love that they gave her double jointed elbows. The accessories are also nice to have too. Only thing that would have made it better is if she came with gun shot effects. She looks great next to the rest of my figuarts and especially next to Scarlet Witch. Overall definitely worth getting and love having it.


Exclu Mag

MIGu Studio | 1:7th & 1:9th Marvel figures

Another day, another round-up of new images of the officially licensed releases including Venom, Carnage, Black Widow & Loki courtesy of 亞當Adam. More on


Exclu Mag

MIGu 1:9th Marvel Comics Carnage

Joining Venom is Kletus Kasady and we've rounded up pricing & release info for you HERE :


Now this is a Venom figure worth having!

MIGu 1:9th Marvel Comics Venom

Joining Carnage is the first Symbiote and we've rounded up pricing & release info for you HERE :


This is the 1st batman figure I'm truly excited for.

Medicom Toys MAFEX Batman Hush.

Shout-out to @thankyo_chen for sharing these images of the figure in-hand which indicates that this guy is coming very soon indeed! More on


Wow I'm excited for this new animated batman figure.

Medicom Toys | MAFEX Animated Batman (1990)

Coming May 2021 for Y7800. Full gallery & breakdown alongside Brown Suit Wolverine right here :


Ryu training with the punching bag. Love this punching bag I had a life size 1 growing up so its super awesome to have a figure sized 1


If you love the ninja turtles these are a must get. Now just trying to find them myself.


Got a new display case for my figures thanks to my beautiful wife LaShawn. 1st time ever having a glass case for my figures and it looks amazing! The case it self was difficult to put together though but well worth it!


New Marvel Figuarts announced yesterday. Overall these look great! But it was kinda disappointing that no new figures got shown as these are all pretty much re releases but with new effects.

I will say though that ironman mk 85 looks amazing love the nano gauntlet and lightning effect piece on it. Love the base it comes with too.
Scarlet witch looks amazing but I dont think there's enough differences to get it. They added the red eyes which is awesome and the hair looks better but still should have had a screaming face.

Overall I'm excited about the new releases but should have been some new characters


This looks pretty awesome. What yall think?

Square Enix BringArts | Iron Spider

Check out this full look at the upcoming release due out December with a SRP of $139.99. More on this + Captain America & Iron Man on


Loving this Goku figure. Might have to start getting DragonBall figures again 🤔

REVEAL TIME!! We've got 3 SH Figuarts, 2 FiguartsZERO, 1 MonsterArts and a set of cool Dragon Ball Figuarts stands.


Looks pretty awesome for a 7" figure

ZD Toys Iron Man Mk.3 | Reveal

Check out the first look at this upcoming 7" Iron Man figure, due out next month. Find full details up on 06/17/2020

Fwoosh First Look: NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Metalhead |

Can't wait for metalhead to come out! Fwoosh features the new Deluxe Metalhead from NECA's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure line.



Here are the official packaging photos of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles classic cartoon Ultimate Metalhead!



The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1990 Movie 2-packs featuring Mikey & Raph and Leo & Donny will be available through Walmart in the coming months!


Look in the sky its...Superman!
Mezco 1/12 (6 inch scale) Christopher reeves Superman

Very awesome

Mezco Toyz | One:12Collective 1978 Christopher Reeve Superman

Pre-Orders are now open on this brand new Superman figure from Mezco which features a hearty array of accessories too. All the info is up on 06/11/2020

PS5 Console Design Revealed, Disc-less Edition Announced - IGN

Finally the reveal of the PS5 (Playstation 5). Looks awesome!


New Neca King Kong Figure coming out with over 30 articulation points and stands about 8 inches tall. This will be an awesome figure!

NECA - N.E.C.A | 8" King Kong

Theres a brand new addition to the Kaiju line-up on the way from NECA in the form of an original King Kong. More info on


New Tony Stark S.H. Figuarts coming out. From what I've seen it has 2 different upper body pieces and tool accessories plus an anvil and the mk 1 helmet. Can't wait for this!

Tony Stark | Birth of Iron Man SHFiguarts

The latest in the brand new series of Iron Man releases from Bandai has been revealed - find all the info up on


Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales - Announcement Trailer | PS5

New Spiderman PS5 trailer. Can't wait

Revealing Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, a new adventure from Insomniac Games coming to PlayStation 5.



For those that missed out on the release of the 1990 Movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures, the 4 brothers will be making their way to Walmarts across the US as 2-packs! Choose from Leo & Donny or Mikey & Raph later this year!


Exclu Mag

SHFiguarts Rescue | In-Hand

Courtesy of our Man In Japan Ivan Martinez, here's another chance to check out the newly released Rescue SHF. What do you make of this release?


Made a couple bendable posable chains for action figures yesterday! Very happy with the results this was the 1st time I tried it. Feel like it came out great. Feel free to let me know what you think or let me know if you want 1 I can help with that! 05/28/2020

Tamashii Nations US | Official Web Site of Japan's top collectible toy brands | Bandai Japan

Finally a US website for official news on Tamashii, Figuarts and more products. Check it out! Tamashii Nations is a place for products with souls placed into them by Japanese master craftsmen. Japan’s top toymaker, Bandai, with its head office in Asakusa, Tokyo, makes complete figures for the high target demographic.


Got the S.H. Figuarts Star Lord this morning from Amazon. Well worth the money. The head sculpt to my eye looks perfect. And the accessories all look great and have great paint jobs on them. The explosion effects are actually better than I thought they would be. Love the articulation of the figure. Everything moves really great and nice and gets lots of movement. The body, head, mask, and guns all have great paint and sculpting. They all look perfect.
For a $60 figure it was way more than worth the money. The only down side is the number of accessories could have been more but I'm more than happy with it and the explosion effects help with the low number of accessories for star lord
Overall he is well worth getting for any marvel fan, figure, Figuarts, star lord, or guardians of the galaxy fan.
Feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions




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